What Can We Expect in the Second Obama Term? How the Election Results Will Impact Your Workplace – Free Webinar – December 2012

December 18, 2012

While there remains some lingering uncertainty, the recent elections did lend some clarity to an evolving regulatory landscape.  Now that the dust has settled, what can we expect from a second term for the current Administration?  And with additional gridlock expected on Capitol Hill, where will the next wave of regulation come from?  The attorneys at Fisher & Phillips have been closely monitoring these developments, and are be prepared to share their insights into the implications for your workplace. 

Over the course of this presentation, they revealed how agencies such as the NLRB, the DOL and the EEOC plan to carry out their agendas through rulemaking and regulations, without so much as a single vote in Congress.  Find out what these agencies have in store for you, and how these changes will impact a wide spectrum of employment practices ranging from hiring procedures to discharge investigations.  Participants received practical pointers on how best to update their policies to effectuate compliance with these new requirements while continuing to manage a quality workforce under challenging economic conditions. 

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