How to Conduct an Effective Workplace Investigation – Free Webinars – January & February 2013

February 5, 2013

The need to conduct a workplace investigation is something that every employer may face at some point in time. How a company responds to a claim of misconduct can make the difference between a resolution and a painstakingly long lawsuit. The ability to conduct effective and lawful workplace investigations is essential for every human resources manager, as well as others charged with this responsibility. 

Fisher & Phillips attorney Benton Wood presented a free webinar that showed how to conduct an effective and thorough investigation related to workplace misconduct. The discussion included a step-by-step formula for use during an investigation including: (1) getting a complaint; (2) determining an action plan; (3) selecting an investigator; (4) gathering evidence; (5) strategy for conducting interviews; and (6) assessing information and taking action.  

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